Crow Power Wave 32/64 "ELITE"


  • Up to 64 fully programmable hardwired or wireless zones
  • Supports up to 64 hardwired or wireless zones using two 32 Expander Modules via smart key Bus
  • 64 wireless zones using FW-RCV wireless receiver
  • Programmable and fully supervised zones as intrusion or fire
  • Zone wiring options includes: normally closed, single end of line (EOL) resistor
  • Multi language LCD keypads support
  • 8 Programmable outputs with more than 20 programmable options
  • 4 true partitions areas with separate arming
  • Advanced communication
  • Main formats including contact ID, SIA, voice and more
  • D-LINK serial interface module for local up/download via PC
  • Viewing status and trouble conditions in real time
  • Fast programming using EPROM module
  • 8 phone numbers
  • Call back option
  • Fax defeat option
  • 255 event buffer with time and date stamp
  • Efficient and easy installation with 4 wire smart Bus to connect keypads
  • and modules
  • 100 access codes
  • “Quick arm” option
  • “STAY” arming for perimeter arming per partition with selectable zones while premises are occupied
  • Automatic arming/disarming at a specific time every day per area
  • False alarm prevention features
  • Audible exit delay, audible exit fault
  • Arm/disarm bell squawk
  • Urgency on entry delay
  • Programmable swinger shutdown by zone
  • Quick exit option
  • Programmable transmission delay by zone
  • AC failure, TLM trouble, and Low Battery transmission delays
  • Recent close code transmission
  • Opening after alarm code transmission

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